The Original Barack Obama Soundboard

The Original Barack Obama Soundboard Information

The Original Barack Obama Soundboard

The original Barack Obama soundboard was first posted here in 2006 and was created from President Obama's audio book "Dreams From My Father". This board was first used by pranksters to call President Obama's field offices in 2007, and was later used to wreak havoc on naive voters who thought they were receiving racist robo-calls from John McCain's campaign. This soundboard has also been used to successfully prank call South African political thug Julius Malema, and many other unsuspecting chumps.
Click inside the soundboard to play the audio clips.
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  • http://Om=bamasoundoff Dale Wright

    Can you find the one where he says “Don’t got to Vegas and blow you money” Be happy to pay for it. Thanks

  • jayuzumi

    Nice soundboard here is my prank video

  • lolololol

    where can i download?

  • Heavy tf
  • Eric James

    Obama sucks

    • Tyler Cross

      no he doesn’t bitch ass

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    Very nice!

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    #obama 2016

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      You don’t quite understand how this system works do you?

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    Obama sucks dick

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    fuck ya nigga bitch ass shit

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  • Tan Ming Jie

    Nice…Used it to prank call 7 friends!!

    • Hubert Buczak

      how help me plesea i have a iPhone

      • skoobydeck .

        and nailed it don’t 10 prank calls

  • Barack Hussein Obama II

    I uh…..liked it a lot!